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Description:SPATIAL LOGICA 30(test of Contest) is a high range IQ test,requiring no specific knowlege other than recognition ability.Test structure is inspired by SLSE48 and LS36;howerver,you will find my new ideas in it.



1.Only one answer per item and only one submission allowed during Contest.

2.Find  the  simplest  solutions  and  one  perfect  answer  yields  1 point,partially correct  yields 0 point.

3.Freehand drawing or drawing by computer are both ok.  (freehand drawing should be good) 

4.Do not discuss and publish the test  without my permission.

5.I accept alternative answers,but that must be the same simple as expected ones.

6.15€ for each Submission by paypal PayPal.Me/wangweijie ;To  prevent  frauds,please  submit  your  answers  with  your ID/PASSPORT,as well as,your name,age,country,prior high rang  IQ tests scores to my e-mail address

7.Possible raw score range is 0-30.(no penalty for wrong answers)

8.Feel free to send an email for consulting.

Contest time:.2017/7.2-2018/1.1


Contest Awards&Rules:

➢  First prize for top scorer:50€

➢  Second prize for second top scorer:30€

➢ Third Prize for third top scorer:10€

➢ Any contestant’s score>9:one free-submission each on all tests of mine.

➢Only one free submssion during the Contest

Test  Author's achievement on high range IQ tests:

  • WIT,36/40,185 sd.15
  • Numerus,25/30,180 sd.15
  • SLSE-I,41/50,175.5 sd.15
  • SLSE48,30/48,177.7 sd.15
  • SLSE-II,23/30,175.9 sd.15
  • LSHR-light,26/30,176 sd.15


  1. During the contest,contestants' scores will not be lauched until the end of contest.Instead,the number of submissions will be lauched in real time.
  2. When two or more contestants share the same score,their ranking will be arranged by submitting-time order:the earlier one ranks higher than the later one.So each  prize is only for one contestant.)
  3. The awards are paid either through Paypal or Alipay.
  4.  You can visit my website to know the up-to-date news about the Contest.

Contest Result!


1**.One free submission each on my tests including NST,NL40,NST-2,except SL30 and my future tests.

2.Whether the first or the second submission works in rule 1.

3.The monetary awards will be paid by Alipay within one day of 2018/1/2.